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12.10.11, 05:00:00

Sankara Invocation Mantra - Recitation by Harilalji

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Harilalji recites the Sankara Invocation Mantra. This Shloka is suitable for the start of any Vedanta Study or of Vedanta Meditation. Pictures of Sankara and explanations on Sankara (in German) on http://www.yoga-vidya.de/Bilder/Galerien/Sankara.html. Harilalji is giving seminars in Yoga Vidya Germany and in Arsha Vidya Ashram Kerala .

Harilal also gives lectures and interviews. On our Partner channel Yoga Vedanta Audio Podcast you can get short talks and interviews with Harilalji and other Indian and American Yoga Masters. Here is the RSS Feed for free subscription: http://yoga-vedanta-tantra.org/?feed=podcast

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