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28.09.16, 05:00:00

Hevenu Schalom alachem and May the Love we share chanted by new Yogateacher

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A group of new Yogateacher chant Hevenu schalom alachem. Afterwords they chant May the Love we share. In the Yoga Vidya Kirtanbook you`ll find the first song at number 506. Here is the text to sing along:
Hevenu schalom aleichem/ Hevenu schalom, schalom schalom, aleichem
Wir bringen Frieden für alle/ wir bringen Frieden für alle/ wir bringen Frieden für alle/ wir bringen Frieden, Frieden, Frieden für die Welt
Wir bringen Freude für alle/ Wir bringen Hilfe für alle
Hevenu schalom aleichem/ Hevenu schalom, schalom/ schalom, aleichem

The second song you´ll find at number 561. Here are the lyrics:
May the Love we Share/ May spread it´s wings
Fly across the earth/ And bring our joy to every soul That is alive
May the blessings of the universe/ Shine on every one/ So that we all see god´s light/ Light within
Lokāh Samastāh Sukhino Bhavantu/ May all the beings in all the worlds be happy
Salam Aleikum Aleikum A Salam/ Salam Aleikum Aleikum A Salam Salam Aleikum

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